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Blue Ray Tow in and Transport
Street Address: Sonop Street,Plot 155, Koringberg
Mobile: 0603424008
Listing ID: 1200187

A little information about our business and who we are...
We specialize in the towing and transportation of anything from cars, caravans, disabled trailers, motorcycles, farm equipment, small machinery, etc.

Our Rollback can handle up to 6 tons of weight and objects up to 6 meters long. We give your vehicle our complete and undivided attention, so you can expect premium quality results. We drive at a very comfortable and safe pace to keep your vehicle/equipment in gem mint condition. All we need is an address and a date for delivery. It really is that simple with Blue Ray Tow in and Transport. We are a ‘Can Do Company’ and live by our motto – “anything, anywhere, anytime – safely” at a fair rate.

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