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Street Address: PO BOX 280
Postal Address: CENTURY CITY
Phone: 022-7362349
Mobile: 0727779069
Listing ID: 121303

A little information about our business and who we are...
Organic Products for ponds, aquariums and marine systems that instantly create a balanced ecology!

We offer natural fish keeping solutions to aquarium, marine & pond hobbyists, in order to reduce the high fatality rate in the fish keeping industry and ensure healthy fish and a hassle free hobby. Our Vision is to replace in nature that which have been taken from nature! Our products focus on: WATER CARE FISH CARE FILTER CARE It will increase dissolved oxygen in the water, release the beneficial micro life, eliminate the toxic gases, reduce the need for continuous water changes, biologically break down waste materials, eliminate the outbreak and spreading of diseases. It also clears algae and green water and allows one to stock a brand new system immediately! Our products instantly create a balanced ecology in your system, naturally! Fish are more than ornaments so give them the life they deserve with Organic Aqua! Our products are 100% organic and made from the finest plant materials grown in South African soil.

Organic Aqua is a South African company.

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