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Vredenburg Marketing & Services
Street Address: 16 Esperia street, Vredenburg
Postal Address: PO Box 804, Saldanha,7395
Website: Vredenburg Marketing & Services
Phone: 0227133882
Mobile: 0846478673
Listing ID: 1200204

A little information about our business and who we are...
Vredenburg Marketing & Services is one of the West Coasts leading suppliers of pumps and valves and related systems.

We are the sole agents & agents for numerous suppliers. We Supply & Refurbish Pumps, valves.

Vredenburg Marketing & Services, running for 11 years with experience in pumps and valves and related systems, we are the sole agents & agents for Numerous valve and pump suppliers.

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Item Description Amount
Vredenburg Marketing & Services Supply of new industrial valves as used in: Chemical Industries,Petro chemical industries,Food Processing industries, Wine Distillers, Iron & Steel Manufacture Industries , Waterworks, Mining Industries ,Refurbish Pumps, valves, Supply test Certificates & Borehole Pumps